The Future of Business

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Graduates of an online mba program are prepared to adapt to the rapidly developing business landscape.

The Gig Economy is Growing

Freelancers and contractors are making up a bigger part of the workforce. They offer their employers more flexibility and a lower overall cost.

Companies can offer more tailored solutions to their customers by utilizing the efficiency created by the use of freelancers and contractors. This creates an opportunity for businesses to offer more customized services.

Flexible hours and locations offer the worker more choice over their desired lifestyle and the employer a wider range of options to hire from.

Business Intelligence is Getting Bigger

Leveraging big data and various business intelligence tools, businesses can make better decisions.

Data analysis tools allow businesses to make better decisions using historical and predicative data analysis.

AI is Becoming More Accessible

AI is becoming easier for businesses to implement as the technology becomes more sophisticated. AI can increase the average business’s amount of usable data 4-fold.

Advances in AI allows companies to train their algorithms on a much smaller set of data than before. This gives more companies opportunities to leverage AI.

Remote Work isn’t Going Anywhere

A major force of change in the business world is the transition to remote and hybrid work schedules. The impact of COVID-19 as accelerated this change

Workers appreciate the convenience of remote work while a majority of companies say that the shift to remote work has been successful for them.

Gen Z is Here

A new generation of workers will bring new expectations for employers to work with in the workplace. The two most important factors for Gen Z employees are supportive leadership and positive relationships at work.

Preparing for the Future of Business

A graduate degree can help you develop the skills necessary to grow and adapt in an ever-changing business environment. Find out more in this infographic by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business.

An infographic about how to thrive in a dynamic business environment by UMD Smith School of Business.

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