Online MBA Student Experience

Life of a Smith Online MBA Student

Maryland Smith’s Online MBA is designed with working professionals in mind. Through strategically designed coursework, you can learn from a data-focused curriculum that prepares you to leverage big data to make better business decisions.

Experience the Smith Difference

When you choose to earn your online MBA from Maryland Smith, you’ll notice the Smith difference before your first class even begins. At the core of our program — and what helps differentiate the Smith Online MBA experience — is our focus on student engagement. We place extraordinary value on student interaction and recognize its importance as the catalyst for lasting professional success. Paired with unparalleled support, we know our approach will not only set you apart, it will also bring you together with an empowering community unlike any other.

“The skills I acquired from the Maryland MBA coursework have helped me to become a more well-rounded and effective leader in and out of the workplace. The financial management and analysis skills I learned gave me the foundation needed to make sounder investment decisions for my company, and also improve my personal and household financial strategy. The leadership and negotiation courses have helped both with managing across my organization and improving communication in my personal relationships. The combination of strategic thinking, communication, analytic, and entrepreneurial skills provided by the program has helped me to get recognized and invited to have a seat at the table when decisions are being made.” 

— Chase Garcia, MBA ‘17

The Online MBA Experience

Maryland Smith’s Online MBA experience is different. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to bring the same rigor and top faculty found in our on-campus programs to the digital doorstep of the business world.

The Smith online MBA program is designed to provide the highest level of student engagement, utilizing features such as audio and video messaging, integrated multimedia and collaborative online workspaces. A blend of asynchronous and synchronous coursework allows you to continue to meet professional and personal obligations during your course of study. Weekly live online classes presented via Zoom provide the benefit of “attending” class and interacting with professors and peers in real time.

Coursework is focused on real-world challenges unfolding domestically and abroad. By incorporating Action Learning Projects into our MBA residencies and curriculum, we drive our Smith students to test their skills and put their academic thinking into action. You can also participate in the optional global studies course, which offers a faculty-led international business immersion experience. You’ll earn academic credit while adding international exposure to your résumé.

A Community of Support

From enrollment through graduation, Smith’s community of support is there to guide and assist you. The relationships you establish are real, and they offer an incredible return on your investment. Our faculty and students are committed to collaborative growth, and your connections can continue to expand long after graduation, giving you access to new career opportunities through a supportive network of faculty, peers and alumni. When you graduate from Smith, you become part of our distinguished community of more than 66,000 Robert H. Smith School of Business alumni worldwide. We believe that by actively challenging and supporting one another, we can all grow to be smarter, stronger and more successful.

Online MBA Student Stories

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