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Building Careers and Fostering Success

Student success, both in the virtual classroom and in professional settings, is our goal. Which is why support for students and alumni in their pursuit of career success is a focal point at the Smith School. We offer a wide range of services to help you grow as a professional – the same invaluable services that are provided to our on-campus students, including:

  • Career development curriculum
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Leadership assessments
  • On-campus and virtual career coaching
  • Automated job search system
  • Workshops (resume building, personal branding, case interviewing and networking strategies)
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking opportunities
  • Online recruiting system

” One of my favorite things about Smith has been the Career Services. Before I joined the program, I did float my resume. I didn’t get any callbacks, probably about 20 places. I contacted Career Services, Miss Julie Neill. She re-did my resume, gave me some pointers, and everywhere I turned my resume in, I got a call back for an interview. Additionally, I was interested in consulting, so she helped me with case interview preparation. She did a couple of webinars and she helped you walk through and get comfortable with that type of interview, which I had never even heard of before. And then the Hire Smith website, lots of great companies post job recs on that site and you’re able to go through and look and get a real good feeling about what they’re offering and how you may or may not want to work for them.”

— 2018 online MBA graduate, Jeff Helsel.

Graduate Survey Data

Employment by Function*


  • General Management: 27.27%
  • Finance / Accounting: 18.18%
  • Marketing / Sales: 15.15%
  • Consulting / 12.12%
  • Operations / Production: 6.06%
  • Other: 21.21%



Employment by Industry*


  • Government/Civil Service: 18.18%
  • Healthcare: 15.15%
  • Investment Banking/Brokerage/Securities/Financial Services: 9.09%
  • Information Technology: 9.09%
  • Automotive/Transportation: 6.06%
  • Consulting: 6.06%
  • Educational Services: 6.06%
  • Construction: 3.03%
  • Electronic/Devices: 3.03%
  • Entertainment/Media: 3.03%
  • Hospitality: 3.03%
  • Other: 18.18%



Average Base Compensation:

*Graduate Data obtained from 2018 Survey

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